Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights indefinitely to help combat the spread of Covid-19. It is possible to apply for an eVisa. However, please be aware of the restrictions above.
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This website allows you to apply for and register your obligatory eVisa before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Our service assists you through the eVisa process, providing full customer support for each inquiry regarding the application form and any related issues. The application process can take up to 72 hours. Please note: Our company is not related to any government agency. We are an independent organization that helps individuals and legal entities with their administrative travel paperwork.

Visa for Saudi Arabia - Online Application

On the 27th of September 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced an eVisa program, allowing people from 49 countries to visit, by applying for an online visa ahead of their trip.

This method simplifies the entire process. The applicant is no longer expected to make an appointment at the Embassy and to provide all the documents in physical form.

The entire application can be completed online and every piece of documentation is most likely already in your possession.

At the border of Saudi Arabia, you will not be charged with any additional expenses since you have already covered all the essential fees while proceeding with the selected convenient payment method.

An electronic visa entitles you to enter Saudi Arabia for tourist purposes and allows you to stay there up to 90 days.

The eVisa remains valid for one year from the issuance date and allows multiple entries in Saudi Arabia. An undetermined amount of entries can be done with a document that you need just a few minutes to apply for.

All that we advise doing is for the digital version of your eVisa to be printed out and carried with to the airport.

It is also no longer required for you to go through a complicated procedure of applying for a regular visa if you are planning a pilgrimage to Mecca. eVisa to Saudi Arabia enables you to experience Umrah.

Requirements for Saudi eVisa:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia. An exception stands for passports issued by the United States of America.
  • When traveling with a passenger under the age of 18, you are obligated to first submit an application for a guardian of a minor via our platform and secondly apply for an eVisa for the underaged visitor. We wish to inform you that multiple adolescents can be traveling under one applicant care. The government of Saudi Arabia considers the following family members as legal guardians: father, grandfather or brother.
  • All travellers regardless of the nationality noted on their passport are obliged to apply for an additional travel authorization prior to their departure. Those who have been enabled to travel with the eVisa, are advised to carry a printed out version of the document with them.
  • A photo of the applicant is needed for the visa application. It doesn’t have to be a professional photograph, however, it is going to be visible on the final document so it has to remain official.
  • You can travel to Saudi Arabia only for tourist purposes or when you are planning on going for Umrah.
  • Every applicant is compelled to enroll in a separate application. Saudi Arabia does not project group or family applications.
Saudi Arabia eVisa

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Form

To obtain an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia, you have to apply online. All that is required for you to do is to fill out the form providing your passport details and attach your photo.

Please keep in mind that your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry into the country.

After applying, you will receive in confirmation of submission of the application by email and estimated time needed for its processing.

In this email, you can also find your application number (consisting of 9 digits with 2 slashes in between) if you ever going to seek guidance or will fill the need to consult your case with one of our specialists.

The estimated eVisa application processing time can take up to 72 hours. After your eVisa has been granted and you have received it to your inbox, all you are recommended to do is print the document out and carry it with you to the airport.

It is also advised by the government of Saudi Arabia to save a copy on your mobile phone or any other mobile device you are planning on taking with you.

Please double-check if the information you provided is correct (especially your passport data) and if you match all the requirements before submitting your application through our website.

If the most crucial information on your eVisa will be invalid, the entire document might be deemed inoperative.

Important Information

  • Participation in Umrah is only possible out of the Hajj season. To participate in Hajj you must apply for a special visa at the embassy (The Ministry of Hajj);
  • Citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia and residents of GCC countries do not need an eVisa to enter Saudi Arabia;
  • Only Muslims can enter the city of Mecca, while others can access the city of Madinah;
  • Participation in Umrah is also possible for unaccompanied male relatives;
  • eVisa is accepted by all airports and seaports;
  • Undertaking paid work is prohibited. To participate in any labor activities, please contact your nearest embassy;
  • Obtaining an eVisa does not guarantee entry into Saudi Arabia. Possession of an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia does not provide an automatic right of entry for the holder into the country. Customs officials at the airport have the right to refuse entry to the territory of the country if a person does not meet the requirements of visitors or will pose a threat to the country.
  • We accept card payments and the following alternative payment methods

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    • Customer service available at your service 7 days per week via phone and email at every step of your application.
    • Additional data verification by the specialized team and the programs designed by an experienced IT team before submitting your application to the government.
    • Website translation to your mother tongue.
    • Technical support regarding any failures.
    • If you ever were to lose the eVisa, we can recover it for you and send you at any time.
    • Qualified team editing the documents attached in a way, that they become fit to the requirements enlisted by the government.

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