Visa to Saudi Arabia for Spanish Citizens

All Spanish citizens that plan on travelling to Saudi Arabia can now easily access an e-Visa to Saudi using our services. This article will provide you with all the answers you may need.

Switching the economy focus

The government of Saudi Arabia decided to end its dependency on the oil industry and focus on tourism instead. This would help not only to boost the economy but also to lower the unemployment rate and increase the workforce rate.

Opening to tourism created new job places in hotels, restaurants, taxis, and other similar areas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia introduced these changes in September of 2019. We can explore Saudi for just a year now; there is still so much to see.

How does e-Visa to Saudi Arabia work?

The Saudi Arabian government allowed people from many different countries to apply for a tourist visa. The tourist visa enables travellers to visit Saudi for tourism purposes only.

E-Visa is an electronic visa permit that links directly to your passport. Thus, every change to the data on your passport, or losing that document requires applying for a new e-Visa.

Spanish citizens can apply by filling an online visa application form in just 15 minutes. Any working device with a stable internet connection will do perfectly. You can apply wherever you want.

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Validity period and costs

Saudi Arabia visa is valid for one year from the issuing date, or until your passport expires. It is a multiple-entry visa; hence you can travel to Saudi Arabia numerous times within the validity period. However, each stay cannot be longer than 90 days at a time.

The processing time can take up to 72 hours, though usually, e-Visa to Saudi Arabia is approved within 24 hours from applying.

Saudi Arabia’s multiple-entry visa costs 149 Euro.

How to apply online?

The application process is as straightforward as it can be. To apply online, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply Online: fill in an online application form. Provide your data, Spanish passport details, e-mail address, and the purpose of your travel.
  2. Make a Payment: pay the handling charges using any convenient for you method of online payment.
  3. Check your e-mail: first, you will receive a confirmation number. You can check the status of your e-Visa processing with this unique number. Within the next 72 hours, you will receive an e-Visa permit at your e-mail address as well.

What do you need to prepare?

You can travel to Saudi Arabia with just a few visa requirements met beforehand. Prior to applying, please make sure that you have:

  • a valid Spanish passport (your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months ahead of the planned trip. That is a necessary condition to meet before applying.)
  • an active e-mail address (onto which e-Visa and its confirmation number is sent)
  • a photograph of the applicant

As you can tell from the above-described visa requirements, not so many documents required are essential.

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Saudi Arabia for Spanish citizens

After completing the application process that can be done in just 15 minutes, you may be wondering what to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Here are the main reasons for Spanish citizens to travel to KSA:

  • Cultural enrichment: the Islamic heritage, the surrounding culture, the rich history. All of that is there for you to see when visiting Saudi. Whether you wish to see some ancient sites or the regular life in KSA, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Breath-taking landscapes: the mysterious deserts, the dormant volcanoes, tropical islands. Everyone will find something for themselves.
  • Admiring the architectural miracles: the world’s most impressive buildings are located in Saudi. The Kingdom Center is a skyscraper that is just fifth on the country’s highest facilities. Yet, it has more than 300 meters in height. And a modern-looking shape.
  • Enjoying the attractions available. You will not be bored during your trip to Saudi. You can try jeep riding through the desert, scuba diving in the Red Sea, or relaxing on a tropical coral island. Farasan Island is one of the most beautiful out there; you can enjoy a free ferry ride from the Jizan Port.

For all Muslim Spanish citizens who meet the visa requirements, travelling to Mecca is also possible. With a valid Spanish passport and a completed e-Visa application, as a Spanish Muslim citizen, you can go on an Umrah pilgrimage as well.

As you can see, the application process is straightforward and can be done in just 15 minutes!

Should you have any questions regarding the application process or the requirements to meet, do not hesitate to contact our support team at

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