How to Spot a Fake Saudi Arabia Visa?

Do Fake Visas Work?

It is essential for all passengers to know that fake visas don’t work. If you have obtained a fake visa, you will not be allowed entry into the country. Now, besides a reference number, all visas can be verified via the QR code. Since the electronic permits are digitally connected to the applicant’s passport, it requires a few seconds to detect fraudulence.

Check Your Visa on the Official Government Website

You can verify your visa, check the status of your application, and see the validity period on the Saudi Arabia government official website. To do so, follow this instruction:

  1. Click “Track your application”.
  2. Enter the application/visa number.
  3. Provide the passport number.

After you complete the steps above, you will see the information regarding your Saudi Arabia visa. If the online verification system does not recognize your details, make sure you provide the correct data and try again. If your application is still not found, contact the Saudi embassy for more details.

Details on the Saudi Arabia Visa

If you want to inspect your Saudi Arabia visa for signs of tampering or counterfeiting, check your personal and travel information with one saved on the visa. Also, there must be certain details.

The electronic Saudi visa includes:

  • Visa reference number
  • Application number
  • Validity start date
  • Validity end date
  • The permitted duration of stay
  • Applicant’s passport number
  • Place of visa issue
  • Applicant’s name
  • Nationality
  • Birth date
  • Type of visa
  • Entry type
  • Passport MRZ code

Consult the Saudi Arabia Embassy

Knowing that your visa is valid and processed successfully gives you peace of mind and helps avoid issues at border control. To verify your Saudi visa, you can reach out to official Saudi Arabian authorities or embassies. Visit their official websites or contact them via phone or email.

Official contact points where you can get assistance with visa verification include:

  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) use the official site for visa services and validation.
  • Saudi Arabian embassies and consulates see the website of Global Directory of Saudi Embassies and Consulates to find out the nearest office.
  • Saudi e-Visa Portal check visa application status and verify the document.
  • Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior (MOI) monitor your visa progress and enjoy other resident services.

Apply Online Using Our Website

Applying for a Saudi Arabia visa using our website has considerable benefits:

  • You can be certain that your data is safe.
  • We check your details, ensuring there are no errors left.
  • Your photo will be adjusted to the requirements.
  • We review your documents to see if they meet the conditions.
  • We provide assistance at every step of the application process.
  • There are numerous payment options available.
  • 99% of applications are processed successfully.
  • We take care of all the hassle, so you don’t feel stress.
  • Reimbursement may be provided by the terms of the service.

Watch Out for These Visa Scams

It is crucial to determine common scams and fraudulent practices regarding the Saudi visa process. For example, you can often see fake visa agents posing as legitimate consultants or agencies, charging enormous fees for special services that do not exist. You may also receive emails or messages pretending to be from the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate, asking to provide personal information or payment details. Some fraud companies falsify documents or offer fake job opportunities.

Always be cautious when you notice such red flags as unrealistic promises, inconsistent information or lack of contact details, pressure to apply immediately, unconventional payment methods, refusal to issue a receipt, etc.

Types of Saudi Arabia Visas

To simplify and expedite the visa processes, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched an online visa in 2019. Saudi Arabia e-Visa allows its holders to travel to Saudi Arabia numerous times in a span of 12 months of the validity period. The total stay cannot exceed 90 days.

The requirements for applicants are minimal: they must have a valid passport from an eligible country and a recent face photograph. The application procedure is simple: complete a form, cover the fees using secure options, and receive approval via email.

Note that only a tourist visa can be issued electronically, so travelers can visit Saudi Arabia for vacation, meet family and friends, and explore the country. You cannot apply for a business visa online.

Remember the Saudi Arabia e-Visa details (validity, allowed stay, purposes of visit, etc.), as they can significantly help you to identify potential fraudulent activities.

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