Visa to Saudi Arabia for Irish Citizens

Since September of 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia has changed KSA’s requirements. To travel to Saudi for tourism purposes, all you need is an electronic visa permit. Ireland is on the list of the eligible for e-Visa countries. To apply online, you only need to fill in an application form, which […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for German Citizens

Saudi Arabia is a country full of various opportunities for German travellers. Whether you need some relaxing time at the Saudi Arabian ‘Maldives,’ the Farasan Islands or you feel like you need an adrenaline rush and want to jeep ride through the desert. Saudi Arabia is perfect for you. Maybe the reason for your travel […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for French Citizens

French citizens are eligible for an electronic visa to Saudi Arabia since September of 2019. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been open to tourists for less than a year. There is so much to explore and discover! The Visa application to Saudi Arabia is very straightforward. Only a few documents are needed to fill […]

How to Apply for Hajj Visa – Easy steps

An annual Islamic pilgrimage of great importance is the Hajj pilgrimage. Hajj pilgrimage makes one of the Five Pillars of Islam. All adult Muslims are obliged to undertake the journey at least once in their lifetime if they are able financially and physically. They have to be able to secure their family during their absence […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for Danish Citizens

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now open for Danish citizens to explore. Since September of 2019, tourists from many different countries can visit KSA and learn about their unique culture. The Islamic heritage, the beautiful landscapes, mysterious deserts, architectural buildings. All of that and more is waiting for you to discover it. Since September […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for Belgian Citizens

Are you thinking about travelling from Belgium to Saudi Arabia? Are you wondering what do you need to visit this exotic and unknown to many, country? These and many other relevant questions will be answered in this article. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia made it possible for Belgium residents to visit KSA. […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for Austrian Citizens

Austrian citizens are amongst the residents of 49 eligible for an e-Visa countries. E-Visa enables travellers to visit Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is open to tourists for less than a year. There is still so much to explore. Obtaining an e-visa permit is a straightforward process. There is no need to go […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for Australian Citizens

What is an e-visa to Saudi Arabia? Have you ever wondered how beautiful Saudi Arabia can be? Have you ever dreamed about visiting its beautiful landscapes, including the breathtaking Umluj-aka, i.e. the Saudi Arabia Maldives? Or maybe the scenic but also howling volcanic craters?   Learning about the culture, experiencing the incredible places of Saudi […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for Canadian citizens

An e-visa permit¬†allows Canadian citizens amongst others, to travel to Saudi Arabia. E-Visa will enable you to travel to Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. Whether you crave a relaxing time in paradise-like surroundings as on the Farasan Islands in Saudi Arabia, or you feel the need to explore the rich culture of KSA, e-visa is […]

Visa to Saudi Arabia for US citizens

The United States citizens are now eligible to travel to Saudi Arabia, thanks to the changes made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia on September 27th of 2019. The ministry introduced the modifications not so long ago; thus, there is so much to experience in Saudi Arabia.   The US is amongst […]

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