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This website allows you to apply for and register your obligatory eVisa before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Our service assists you through the eVisa process, providing full customer support for each inquiry regarding the application form and any related issues. The application process can take a few days. Please note: Our company is not related to any government agency. We are an independent organization that helps individuals and legal entities with their administrative travel paperwork.

What is the Saudi Arabia e-Visa?

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa is an electronic visa permit that allows its holders to travel to Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in KSA introduced changes to their tourism policy to end their dependency on the oil industry. Focusing on tourism was to help reduce the unemployment rate and invite more people to the country.

Visa to Saudi Arabia is valid for one year from the issuing date or until your passport expires. e-Visa for Saudi Arabia is a multiple-entry visa that enables tourists to visit Saudi numerous times within the validity period. However, the total stay cannot be longer than 90 days. Once the 90 days has lapsed, there will be no extension or renewal of the eVisa.

e-Visa for Saudi Arabia costs either 220 or 270 USD and takes a few days to process. The average processing time for a visa to Saudi when using our services is just 24 hours! You can complete the application process in less than 15 minutes from home.

Who needs a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Every traveller who wishes to visit Saudi needs an e-Visa for Saudi Arabia to cross the KSA border. e-Visa for Saudi Arabia is issued for tourism purposes only.

Upon introduction of the changes to the tourism policy by the Saudi Arabian government, 243 countries are allowed entrance under the condition of having a Saudi Arabia Visa permit. Find a full list of countries eligible for an electronic visa to Saudi and see if you can apply online for an e-Visa to cross the Saudi border.

Saudi Arabia visa application must be filed by the guardians/parents of passengers under the age of 18 travelling with them as well.

Please note! You can also apply for Saudi Arabia e-Visa (including performing Umrah) if you are a holder of one of the following documents:

  • a valid tourist or business visa from the US, the UK, or one of the Schengen countries which has been used at least once to enter the visa-issuing country;
  • permanent residence permit in the US, the UK, or the EU;
  • a valid residence permit for a period of no less than 3 months in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Gulf Countries, including domestic workers who come with their sponsors;
  • a valid GCC visa (residents of Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE).
  • Important: The processing time for the applications submitted with one of the above-listed documents may take 2-3 business days.

How can I use Saudi Arabia e-Visa?

Travellers can use an electronic visa permit to Saudi for the tourism purposes. If you are travelling to visit your family, friends, or to explore the country as a tourist, visa to Saudi Arabia will legalize your entrance.

Saudi Arabia offers various attractions, ancient sites, cultural and historical enrichment. Try jeep riding through the deserts, scuba diving in the Red Sea, seeing the dormant volcanoes, or relaxing on paradise-like islands.

The Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabian 'Maldives' are waiting for you to explore them with an e-Visa for Saudi Arabia. One of the architectural miracles in Saudi, the Jeddah Tower ought to be the world's highest building is among the many impressive skyscrapers in KSA. It's still in construction, yet already remarkable.

Saudi Arabia electronic visa can also be used by Muslim travellers that visit Saudi to go on an Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca. Please note that the participation in Umrah pilgrimage is only possible out of the Hajj season.

Saudi Arabia eVisa

Important things to know before you apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia

Before applying, please make sure that you are a citizen of one of the countries listed as eligible for applying for an e-Visa to Saudi Arabia. If you qualify to apply, please prepare the following documents to start the application process:

  • a valid passport for at least six months from the date of entry to the KSA
  • an active e-mail address onto which e-Visa is sent
  • a photograph of the applicant

Saudi Arabia e-Visa is valid for one year from the issuing date. However, once your passport expires, so does your e-Visa permit. Passport validity is essential. In case of any changes to your passport, or in case of losing the document, the electronic visa becomes invalid.

Please remember that the total stay cannot exceed 90 days, do not overstay to steer clear of any problems. Make sure that you apply in advance to avoid delays or issues with processing your application on time.

Saudi Visa FAQ

e-Visa for Saudi Arabia costs either 220 or 270 USD for a multiple-entry visa. You can pay the handling visa charges using any convenient method of online payment available on our website.

e-Visa to Saudi Arabia is valid for one year from the issuing date or until your passport expires. It allows numerous entries to KSA; however, the total stay cannot exceed 90 days.

A confirmation number will arrive at your e-mail address immediately after your payment is registered. You can check your Saudi Visa status using this number. Log in to your account created upon applying and put the confirmation number to check the status of your e-Visa processing.

Saudi visa on arrival is possible to obtain when the traveller meets the following requirements:

  • The traveller must be a citizen of any country that is listed as eligible for a visa to Saudi Arabia
  • You must be a holder of a valid visa for either USA/UK/ or any country of the Schengen Area. The visa must have been used at least once
  • You have to travel through the airlines based in Saudi Arabia

The easiest way to obtain a visa for Saudi is to apply online. You can use any working device with a stable internet connection to complete the application process.

Fill the application form with your data, passport details, e-mail address, and the purpose of your travel. Then, register an online payment. Within a few days, e-Visa permit arrives at your e-mail address.

The processing time may take a few days. The average processing time with our team handling your visa permit is just 24 hours.

However, we suggest applying in advance to avoid any issues upon entrance.

Once approved, Saudi Arabia e-Visa is linked directly to your passport. The customs officials will verify your valid passport and visa upon your arrival.

Within a few days, e-Visa copy will arrive at your e-mail address. We suggest keeping a copy on your phone or any other device additionally to the one on your passport.

There are only three elementary requirements to meet before applying. Please make sure that you have:

  • a valid passport (for at least six months ahead of the intended trip)
  • an active e-mail address (to receive a copy of your visa permit)
  • a photograph of the applicant

Saudi Arabia visa is valid for one year from the issuing date. It is a multiple-entry visa that allows numerous visits to Saudi. However, total stay cannot be longer than 90 days at a time.

Countries eligible to submit an application:

Important Information

  • Participation in Umrah is only possible out of the Hajj season. To participate in Hajj, you must apply for a special visa at the embassy (The Ministry of Hajj)
  • Only Muslim travellers can enter the city of Mecca, while others can access the city of Madinah
  • Participation in Umrah is also possible for unaccompanied male relatives
  • Citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia and citizens of the GCC countries do not need an e-Visa to enter Saudi Arabia
  • All airports and seaports in Saudi accept e-Visa permits
  • Undertaking paid work is prohibited. To participate in any labour activities, please contact your nearest embassy
  • Obtaining an e-Visa does not guarantee entry into Saudi Arabia. Customs officials at the airport have the right to refuse access to the territory of the country if a person does not meet the requirements for visitors or poses a threat to the country
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  • Website is available in your mother tongue
  • If you ever were to lose the e-Visa permit, we can recover it for you and send it back
  • All the documents submitted are edited to fit the determined by the Saudi Arabian Government criteria
  • We can guarantee a stress-free visa handling experience. You can complete the application process in less than 15 minutes from home!

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